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NoborderTV available on bittorrent

Due to popular demand, we make NoborderTV, i.e. all videos from noborder lesvos 09 available on the net. We decided to use the popular p2p filesharing protocol bittorrent as a distribution mechanism in order not to put too much strain on our servers, the torrent comprises 13 films totalling 1.6 GB.

Please don’t just download the films and then kill the torrent: Keep the torrent going, because like this, you help other people to download the films as well. Again: Once the download is completed, do NOT delete the torrent, and don’t remove the files from the incoming folder. Sharing is caring!

For all those who don’t know what bittorrent is: Serious Operating Systems/Distributions usually come with a client, for Windows and MacOSX, you will need to download one. There are plenty of open source clients, check here and here.

Download the Torrent file. (mirror)

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Pagani revolting


Revolt at Pagani. We just heard that people imprisoned in Pagani have taken direct action. The three cells at the ground level are open, imprisoned migrants have flocked to the yard of the prison, shouting “Azadi, Azadi” (freedom). Also, women detained on the first floor are leaving their cells. Inside the cells, matrasses have been burnt, and the bars from some cell windows have been removed. More and more people from Mytilini are coming to Pagani, press and TV is there also.

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Noborder Newspaper

exegermena#4 People from the squat in Mytilini published a newspaper about the noborder actions in August 2009. It is only in Greek but for those who speak Greek, enjoy: download the pdf.

Two new Videos

They just went live: two new videos, one about the action day against Pagani prison, the other about the Frontex action day. They were actually supposed to come online earlier (apologies, esp. to the cutters), but there were problems with the video format. In the end, ffmpeg and ogg/theora saved us.

Noborder Pagani Action Day

Noborder Harbour Action


Archive Lesvos 2009
In this post, we are trying to put together an overview over all that happened around and during the noborder camp. It is based on the entries on this blog, but surely, things will be missing. Therefore, yet another call to collaborative action: Use the comment function and add what is missing, we will incorporate it into this article, so in the end, we can have a fairly comprehensive documentation of noborder lesvos oh nine. We are looking for: missing information on what happened, links to other reportings (indymedia or mainstream or …). We will also put images and links to videos. Please suggest what is missing. This is work in progress, so even if you are only a reader, make sure to check back as this will be growing.

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Current Situation

This came from people still in Mytilini (slightly edited):

92 new minors arrived in Mitilini yesterday and where brought to Pagani. That means 140 minors and around 500 people all together are detained in Pagani at this stage.

Two days ago all refugees from one cell refused to return into the cell. But after a while they where forced to do so. Unfortunately there where not more infos about it and noone knew while this happend.

People say that every now and then the prisoners scream FREEDOM and AZADI.

A newspaper is being prepared about the noborder and the other actions around it and more local news to be distributed widely and to be the beginning for an open discussion
in town and further campaigning.

The Frontex boat is still not around. [It might actually have left]

Local people told us that many did not know or did not hear about the actions and they asked for more information. The interest is big to know what they missed.

And the sky is grey since two days.

In the meanwhile, we finally got around to include a form for signing our Dublin-II call. Since the whole idea with signing through the comment function didn’t work so well, we adjusted and now invite you again to support the cause.

There is actually movement on the Dublin-II issue, at least in Germany. The highest court i.e. the constitutional court, ruled yesterday that they would decide on a case brought forward by an Iraqi refugee in Germany. Since he had been registered in Greece before, the german authorities wanted to deport him to Greece so that he could seek asylum there, in accordance with Dublin II. This deportation was now stopped by the constitutional court, and they will have a hearing on the issue.

Stop deportations to Greece – suspend Dublin II!

Please read, spread and sign this Communiqué from activists of the international No Border Camp 2009 on Lesvos concerning the Dublin II regulations and deportations to Greece. You can sign using the form below (introduced due to popular demand). Let’s build pressure!

As activists of the international No Border Camp 2009 on Lesvos, we are witnessing a policy of systematic human rights abuse against migrants and refugees. As a crucial symbol for this policy stands Pagani, a detention centre, situated in the outskirts of the city of Mitilini, for migrtants and refugees, women, men, minors and children, who arrive in Greece without documents. People are imprisoned in Pagani for many weeks, even months. They are forced to share a room with approximately 100 people. About 1000 people are constantly locked up in a place normally designed for only 280 people. Sanitary and medical conditions are beyond any possible imagination. It is not even necessary to describe the further consequences of forcing people to under these circumstances, since the absolute lack of human rights is all too obvious.

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New hungerstrike in Pagani

Some activists went to Pagani and learnt that there is a new hungerstrike on. 47 minors are on hungerstrike, and four are not even drinking. They don’t receive any medical support. Shut down Pagani!

DSC08485 Kopie

update 4.9.09 A lot has happened. The hunger strike in Pagani is still on, and as reported above, some people even took to a thirst strike. There was a solidarity action at the detention centre yesterday. What is really bad is that they still incarcerate women with babies in Pagani, as you can see on the pictures from yesterday, and the open camp at the airport will be closed tomorrow. So it seems that the authorities really do get back to business as usual. We will not accept this, for sure. In the meanwhile, there is a lot YOU can do. Our video Voices from Inside Pagani has been shown on several TV stations, we know of both German state TV channels, the Dutch TV and CNN (but they always falsly claim that a human rights organisation put the video online. Of course it was noborder). Indeed, the situation in Pagani made news globally, and the heat is still on. You can help by making a protest in your city at the Greek embassy or consulate (if there is), like our friends in Wellington, New Zealand (!) did. You can also follow our email campaign.

In the meanwhile, the Frontex boat from Romania has left, and has been replaced by some military style outfits, having even a special “Operation Poseidon” t-shirt. Last time, they were seen controlling (quite brutally) people that take the ferry to Athens (sic). So there is two conclusions you can take from that: either that Frontex is really doing much more than policing the borders, also starting to take their actions into Schengen mainland, or you are of the impression that Europe is one big border anyway.

the end?

Basically, noborder lesvos 09 started early, and finishes late: Officially, we concluded the camp yesterday, but there is still a lot of people around, helping to deconstruct the camp and to continue political work here in Lesvos. After all, we helped to push quite a few things, but we need to guarantee that they were not just temporary changes, but rather that they are the beginning of completely different migration policies. As always, this is work that takes time. Still, the noborder camp has provided a great start. And if it should turn out that the authorities will go back to business as usual, our answer will be the Noborder Lesvos 2010!


We, the people responsible for this site, will not write a proper conclusion here. There are different opinions about the camp, we have our own (you can read them out of our posts), and we would like to invite everybody to make heavy use of the comment function on this site to start a debate. On the right top, you can register with a nickname, which makes it easier to post a comment. We will watch comments for sexist and racist language and general abuse and will filter them out. Apart from that, we won’t do any censorship (it is censorship after all, we shouldn’t deceive ourselves about it). Please discuss in a fair way, and don’t reveal facts that should not be discussed in public. We will also try to convert the website into a proper documentation of what happened, to make content more accessible and add other things. You can contact us at lesvos09[at], we are collecting everything (digital or to be digitalized).

We want to thank everybody who found the way to Lesvos to make the noborder camp the event it was. Special thanks go out to all the activists (noborder or not) from Lesvos who welcomed us and provided space we needed to do our work. A lot of thanks also go to the Bineio Squat, which provided us not only with a media centre, but generally with space to meet, discuss and relax. Together, a lot of things were possible. We have found many a new friend, and we are convinved that this is not an end, but rather the beginning of yet another transnational, antiracist cooperation. We hope that all the migrants that we had the chance to meet and live together have a safe and not too slow journey to their respective destinations. We know that their way is a hard one, but we will continue to struggle together, here in Lesvos as well as in any other place where we are.

One week in Lesvos, 52 weeks in struggle.

Heute ist nicht aller Tage, wir kommen wieder, keine Frage.

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Voices from the Inside of Pagani (2009)

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