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Hi there. On this page, we try to provide information as complete as possible about getting to and participation in the Noborder Camp in Lesvos 2009. We post updates to this page in the How To Lesvos Category, and the techsavvy might want to subscribe to the feed.

Reader We produced a Reader which containt tons of useful information about the camp. We will distribute it on the camp, but if you have a long journey and want to read it along the way already, you can download it.

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Contact and Inquiries, Arriving

You can always write to noborder.lesvos.2009[at] with questions and ideas and hints and requests and and and. But please: make sure that your question is not already answered on the homepage.

If you want to let us know about arriving in Mytilini, you can write to arriving.mytilini[at] Information you should absolutely include in the email is: date and time, mode of travel (ship or plane?) and how many people you will be. We cannot promise to provide transportation, but check the section “Public transport” below for detailed information.

If email is too slow and you need to get in touch with us, give us a call. The camp phone is reachable under 0030 6947913622. This telephone number is also available during the camp.


Prices:With Taxi to the campside (Kantina Kapuzi)

  • from the Airport = 10€
  • from Myitilini = 16€


Arriving in Mytilini with the ferry, you can take the public bus to Charamida/ ΧΑΡΑΜΙΛΑ (NoBorderCamp)

Bus station in Mytilini: see Google Maps


Working Days/ Saturdays: 10:30 AM 01:00 PM 06:00 PM
Sunday/ Public Holidays: 10:30 AM 01:00 PM 03:00 PM 06:00 PM

Our if it fits with your arriving time you take our “camp-bus” :

Monday: 08:30 or Tuesday: 08:30 and 12:00

There are no Buses from the Airport to the Campsite. If you come by plane, you have 4 options to come to the NoBorderCamp.

  • take the bus to Mytilini (there is nearly any time one), and there you can take a bus to the camp (schedule above)
  • take a taxi from the airport to the camping-side its about 15 to 20 euros
  • if there is no bus at the time you arrive and you don’t want to take a taxi, write an Email to arriving.mytilini[at], we will see if we can come and pick you up.
  • hitch hike to Charamida/ ΧΑΡΑΜΙΛΑ (NoBorderCamp) or walk

In the bus you can ask the bus-driver to let you out in front of the NoBorderCamp.

In any case you should check out the our map


There have been some controls of people arriving by the police. So be wise when packing your bags.


If you have the time to come earlier and help to built up our beautiful stuff, we’d be very happy. And as we all know, after a camp there’s also a lot of work. Can you stay a couple of days longer?

We have a huge fire problem on the campsite (like everywhere on the island). You should be very aware of it. Therefore all open fire, even candles will be banned. Smokers should bring a sealable and portable ashtray.

If possible, you should not come with your dog. If you really need to, you will need to arrange with Fanis, the owner of the Kantina. Because his two dogs bark the whole night if another dog is around.

As you know there is always a lot of work to do. We all will need people to translate, doing shifts at the infopoint, helping in the kitchen, taking care of the waste, toilets and showers. This camp is self-organised, so everybody will need to contribute to the success of the camp.

No, there is no general participation fee. However, since the expenses are plenty, you are welcome to contribute what you can afford. Soon we will give an indication amount per person (it will be around 20-30 euros for the week).

You have to bring your “camping” equipment, like tent and sleeping stuff. Also in the night its very hot here, so make sure that you have something thin to cover yourself in the night. It would be also useful to bring flashlights because we cannot and really not use candles or make fires. There are mosquitoes, so please make sure your tent has a net and is tight.

There is going to be a vegan kitchen on spot offering two meals daily. Participants of the camp are invited to help in shifts. There will be no price for the food but we all have to contribute for the cost of it. There will also be a mini-bar for water, beer and refreshments. Bringing your own meal equipment (plate, fork & knife) is recommended. There is basic infrastructure, water and electricity, toilets, showers, kitchen.


You should bring small portable radios because there will be a “radioballet” and also various radio shows about the camp.


Admit it: Can you live without your mobile? If you want to use your mobile phone, you should buy the sim card from “vodafone cu”. It is the cheapest one and everybody here already uses it. The sim card you can buy in a vodafone shop (for about 5 euros). You do not have to register yourself or anything. After putting the sim card in your mobile phone it takes around 8 to 12 hours until you can use it. It is important that you switch your operator selection on manual and chose vodafone cu (gr). We are so close to Turkey that the mobiles often choose a turkish network (which will cost you dearly). After some time you get a text message from vodafone in greek with something saying about 40% and you should write an empty text message to receive the 40% rebate. To change the language you call 1252 and press 3, until you find the language you want to have. Your credit you can buy at any kiosk. To charge it you have to dial 1252 and press 2. Then you have to enter the pin from the ticket you have bought and enter #.

Ferries to Lesvos

If you already now which day you want to come to Lesvos, make sure you book your ticket. The best way to find out how much it costs and when the ferries leave, is to check the pages of the companies. All the companies do these thing that we don’t like, so there is not really a “good” company.

From Greece, there are three ways of booking.

If you have an credit card you can book the ticket in the internet and get your ticket, with a reservation number, at the day of your travel, in the port. Near the gates, where the ships are leaving, are little agencies of the companies.

If you don’t have a credit card or don’t want to use it, you can book a reservation for the ticket with the travel agency Kritsia Travel in Athens. The telephone number is 0030 -210 3305215. If you say you are calling from the NoBorder Camp, we can probably (if more than 20 other people travel the same day) get a group ticket and a discount btw 5-7 euros per person.

If you didn’t get an reservation, you can also try to buy an ticket at the little agencies in the port, near the gate. But you have to be there like two or three hours before the ship leaves and its not sure if you get a ticket. If you want to take your car, you have to book a reservation now, because the space for the cars is already nearly full.

The price depends a little on the company, but its around 25,- to 37,-€, when you sleep on deck.

For small cars its around 99,-€.

The Companies:

From Turkey: If you fly to Ismir you can get the bus to Dikili or to Ayvalik.

To see the schedules of the ships from Dikili or from Ayvalik its the best to use this page: from Turkey to Lesvos.

You can also consult the travelwiki.

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