Pagani Detention Center

  • Inside the Pagani Detention Center, Images and revolts produced for the most part by refugees detained in the socalled “Welcome Center” of Pagani. Addional to that, a Interview with two delegates witch where inside.

  • Outside the Pagani Detention Center, Protest and Actions in Solidarity with the people inside

About w2eu

This is the blog of the antiracist network Welcome to Europe. It was formerly known as


The name Welcome to Europe expresses the discontent and anger we feel when looking at the fatal realities of the European external border: the long documented deaths and suffering have continued for years, and no end is in sight. We stand for a grassroots movement that embraces migration and wants to create a Europe of hospitality.


We maintain our focus on the European external border in Greece, but will not limit ourselves to that geographical area. The right of freely roaming the globe has to be fought for everywhere. Join us!


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Voices from the Inside of Pagani (2009)

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