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Performative statement of civil disobedience!

This statement, is an answer to the attempt by the government, to criminalize solidarity with the hunger strikers by saying that “those who are responsible for these processes we will search for with the prosecutor’s intervention and those who participated will be held accountable”.
Below is an email address for you to support this performative statement!

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On the events of Thursday the 27th

On thursday the 27th of January, three days after the hunger strike began, the hunger strikers were ordered to leave the law school. Here you will find a description of what happend that day and under what conditions now the hunger strikers are keeping on their stuggles.

Declaration of solidarity with the hunger strikers in Greece – Legalisation and equal rights now – Call for a week of action

The 25th of January is the day on which 300 migrants in Greece started a hunger strike. Their demand is a collective legalisation of all the people excluded from Greek society based on their status – be it asylum seekers, not recognised refugees, illegalised people, exploited migrant labourers. It is not the first hunger strike in Greece where human beings are forced to use such a drastic measure to fight for their rights.

Hunger strikers in Thessaloniki

Hunger strikers in Thessaloniki

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Frontex RABITs operation extended until march 2011

Frontex annouced that a decision has been signed to extend the RABITs Joint Operation 2010 in Greece until March 2011. The RABIT Teams have been deployed at the Greek-Turkish land border since the 2nd of November and initially were to stay for two month.

Besides the European Commission provides an additional package of €9.8 million to Greece for further technical support on asylum and border issues.

UN demands to stop Dublin II-deportations to Greece

The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Manfred Nowak says all Dublin II associated countries need to stop all transfers of asylum seekers back to Greece under the Dublin II-regulation. He calls on the European Union to fundamentally rethink its asylum and migration policy.

Pogrom-like attacks against migrants in Attica square, Athens

During the night of October 16th, Attikis square in Athens became the setting for yet more pogrom-like attacks against migrants in the area. A group of fascists and so-called “enraged citizens” attacked a local Bangladeshi-owned mini-market. The people there, in their attempt to escape, ran toward the local mosque, only 30 meters away. They were under siege in the mosque for 1,5 hour. In the clashes, two Bangladeshi migrants were injured.

Attica square was where a hugely successful anarchist migrant solidarity demo took place only days ago. Yesterday’s sad events, however, show clearly that only our permanent, systematic presence in the area can act as a response to the poison of fascism.

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