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Refugees released from Pagani yesterday night

We already posted that information once, but now we know more and want to publish a follow-up report.

Yesterday, at least 38 refugees were released from Pagani at night. They obtained the “white paper” but didn’t get a ticket for a ferry to the mainland. Nor did they receive any other means of supporting themselves. Consequence is that they are now stuck in Lesvos, they spent their night at the port.

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Taxi driver accused

Last week, a taxi driver was stopped and arrested by the police. He was accused for transporting refugees without papers. The taxi driver tried to explain that an 16 year old afghan boy, with papers asked him to drive him to another place to pick up his sister. when they arrived, there were three women and a child waiting, and entered the taxi. While they were driving a police car which was observing him caught them and arrested them all, including the taxi driver.

The president of the taxi drivers union, in Mytilini, commanded that taxi drivers will be obliged to control the papers of their guest.

The danish court decision during the process against german taxi driver, that’s says that the police can not oblige the taxi drivers to control the papers of there guests is obviously not known yet

Greece: Immigrant Repression

Yet another longer article on the situation in Greece.

It has been around a year and a half now since the first attempt of the state to demolish the self-made Afghani refugee camp in Patras, which was prevented due to a vast and eminent solidarity movement. Nevertheless, the public authorities struck back and eventually succeeded to fulfil their initial plan on the dawn of Sunday 12th of July. This action can be only described as part of a major concrete plan of “zero tolerance” designed and declared by Markoyannakis, the Minister of Public Order of Greece.

The operation was initially planned to take place the night before, yet it was decided to postpone for a day in order for riot police reinforcements to arrive from Athens. At around 3.30 a.m. on Sunday numerous riot police forces swamped the whole area surrounding the refugee camp. By 5 a.m. they had already blocked every street leading to the camp inducing a climate of terror in the area. Only 150 immigrants were still there, by that point knowingly unable to defend themselves and their vestige shelter after weeks of continuous repression, arrests and terror deriving from the state. Some managed to flee the camp only moments before getting arrested and the rest were indulged to the hands of the authorities. The camp was unreachable for the protestors outside and the few who were already inside in solidarity got arrested and were released only after the operation was complete. The obvious reason for these arrests was to have no witnesses of the imminent villainous scenes of state-induced horror.

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Voices from the Inside of Pagani (2009)

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