Photo Report from Lesvos

p1000024Detention centre Pagani next to Mitilini. Despite its capacity of about 200 people, in Summer 2008, nearly a thousand refugees were detained in the facility.

p1000019Camp ground near Mitilini. Here, the noborder camp will probably take place.

p1000008Beautiful beach next to the camp ground.

p1000044Visitors to the camp ground.

p1000021View on Mitilini and port.

p1000025Due to protests, detained refugees were at least granted access to the patio.

p1000026Consulting hours of the lawyer. Lawyers, social workers and doctors are not allowed to see detainees inside the prison.

p1000027The guards approach detained refugees wearing masks and gloves at any time. They also try to enforce this onto the lawyers and social workers.

p00001011Italian coastguard in the port of Mitilini during a Frontex operation in Summer 2008.

p1000071Greek coastguard in the port of Mitilini.

123Speedboats are used by special forces of the coastguard to hunt refugees on the open sea at night. The hunters are disguised with balaclavas.

p1000035Confiscated turkish boats in the port authority.

p1000038A heap of confiscated rubber boats.

p1000056Refugees cross the open see during the night with rubber boats and paddles which are merely suitable for swimming lakes. The shortest distance between Turkey and Lesvos is 10 km.

Successful arrival: life jackets left behindSuccessful arrival on Lesvos. Near Skala Sykaminias, hundreds of life jackets can be found.

p1000048Unfortunately, the English textbook has become wet and is left behind.

p1000061Beaches on the northern coast of Lesvos are literally covered with remains of boats.

captionThe shelter of unaccompanied minors in Agiassos. Before the shelter was opened, unaccompanied minors were detained in Pagani. The shelter was opened due to protests and is largely self-organised.

p1000041Since the opening of the shelter in June 2008, more that 1.000 minors have passed through the facility.

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Voices from the Inside of Pagani (2009)

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