Demands remain: Close down Pagani

Antira Activists are reporting about a changed atmosphere in the Detention Centre of Pagani. The demands remain the same:

  • Close down Pagani and every other detention Centre
  • Open Reception centres
  • Papers for everyone

Today local Newspapers reported that the police refuses to continue working in Pagani. Here comes the Daily report from the NoBorder activists on Lesvos.

ffene zellen türen betten raus

A lot of things are different these days. The cells are open and it is not so crowded anymore. Since the people inside Pagani broke the doors of their cells yesterday, they have not been repaired thus leaving them with open doors to the yard. Kids were playing outside, excited about some flowers, growing outside of the bars in the canalisation of Pagani. Some 30 people were released from Pagani today, 18 of them did not have the money to buy a ticket for the boat.

Yesterday we reported about the family who were split up after surviving a boat accident. Arif Khani Soldier was reunited with his wife and daughter today. The authorities claimed that he was accidentaly brought to Pagani.

We want to thank the fisherman who saved the lifes of this family. In the following you can find the names of the dead children, women and man in order not to forget:

  • Hansadar Gumas, father
  • Yalda, 8 years
  • Neda, 10 years
  • Mehdi, 4 years
  • Zakia, mother
  • Sonia, 6 years
  • Abulfaza, 3 years
  • Sumaya

it is not sure if two more people are missing.

parade militärs

Meanwhile in Mytilini. Today it was a national holiday in Greece. Everywhere in Greece pupils and soldiers were marching together – school dresses and weapons, of course also in Mytilini. Some activists lined the Parade with a banner: “Shut down Pagani now, shut down all detention centres”. When the last unit of the special forces had passed by the banner, a small protest demonstration was formed which followed the parade. It was ended by our lovely friend and helper, the police.

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Voices from the Inside of Pagani (2009)

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