Open Letter from the Infomobil

Answer to the vice Prefekt in Evros region Mr.Papaioanou.

On the 12.08.2010, we heard you on Thraki T.V , Mr.Papaioannou saying that this mass grave we have seen with our own eyes, doesn’t exist. You said: It was only some friends who buried their friends there and that the people who put this information on a blog are liars.

Since we, the ‘INFOMOBIL welcome to europe network’, are the ones who went to Evros region, in a group of 8 people from different european countries – among us journalists and fotojournalists – trying to find out if the afghan husband of a woman we know, who was lost in the river Evros on the 25 june 2010 (together with 2 other afghan men) to find out if he is alive…

We visited 16 places in Evros, mainly detention prisons but also hospitals, to try to find out.

The step to the funeral of Sidiro was the last of this travel….Since we could not find a proof that this three men, husbands and fathers

  • Bashir Ahmad Zamani
  • Seyet Hahadu Qasimi
  • Mohamad Askar Jososfi

were found dead, but have to wait for the DNA tests of the family members…

We went to the cemetery, knowing that it is one of the rare cases that refugees who die on the borders of Greece and Turkey are buried in respect and among people of their religion.

We wanted to see this place and take also pictures, for the worst case that the DNA test proves that the three men have been also burried anonymously there. So that the wifes and children know at least where their fathers are buried….

We were shocked of what we found out, returned to the village Sidiro to talk to the Mufti, who then had disappeared and didn’t go on his phone for the next day, and decided then to make the story public.

Maybe you should make the effort to go and see on your own what we saw. Then you would stop pretending that this grave doesn’t exist. Maybe after all this publicity, some people have taken the sign away now. But the buried bodies are for sure still there.

This people died trying to enter Europe, fleeing from the situation in their countries. They died because they could not go like you and us with a passport in the hand through the borders, they died because
Europe doesn’t want them.

The war that is going on in the region of Evros, with the military machinery of greek police and frontex the european border police, has victims. And it is your responsability that the vicitims are respected at least after they are dead.

Some unrespectfull people shoot at the cemetery sign with guns, you shoot at them, for a third time.

The memory of Bashir-Hahdi-Mohamad and all others who left their hopes and lifes on the greek borders is for us a reason to continue searching for the truth.

Stop the war against refugees!

INFOMOBIL –w2eu.tour nr 1-Evros
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