[300] Call for Solidarity

On January 25, 300 migrant workers went on hunger strike in Athens and Thessaloniki. Their main demand is to be legalized. At this moment, when the financial crisis has violently erupted and ultra-right political forces have come to the fore, this may sound as a maximalist demand. For this reason, we need to pay attention to their demands so as to create symbolic cracks in the system and achieve political victories.

The political establishment and mainstream media in Greece have already started putting pressure to the migrants’ struggle and to those in solidarity. It is urgent to vow now the broadest support possible!

Below the call for signatures. Those that wish to sign are welcome to send their name and profession in the following address: ypografes.allilegyi.stin.apergia@gmail.com

It is also important that individuals, assemblies, groups and organizations express their support through letters of support, press releases and actions of solidarity.

Solidarity to the struggle of the 300 hunger strikers
How many times do they have to risk their lives in order to confirm their and our existence?

In order to have the right to live with dignity and hope, in a country that seeks for scapegoats in those who are the most vulnerable and weak.

For the migrant who, with his/her own blood, his/her poorly paid work and his/her creativity, make the country’s economic machine move on.

For those who’re seeking for freedom and fleeing from neediness, war or some other short of “peaceful” occupation, cross the borders in search of a better life.

For the migrants who lost their lives at the national borders of the European countries, for the 13.000 certified victims of the security doctrine since 1993 and the thousands of persons still missing.

For the migrants’ children who from their early age grow with legal and social constraints and exclusions.

In order to bring forward and establish to the common consciousness, as struggle and cause, the joint social interests of Greeks and migrants who produce the social wealth in every short of services, in constructions, in factories, in the fields, in domestic works – as well as the common social interests of the unemployed people.

For the reasons mentioned above and other unmentioned here:

  • We express our solidarity to the 300 migrants, hunger strikers
  • We demand the unconditional legalization for all migrants
  • We support the migrants’ demands for equal political and social rights and duties with the Greek workers

January 2011: Solidarity Assembly to the Migrants Hunger Strikers

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