No Border Camp in Bulgaria: 25th to 29th of August 2011

From 25th to 29th of August 2011 a Nobordercamp will take place in the borderregion between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

Protest in front of detention centre in Busmantzi (close to Sofia)

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Igoumenitsa/Greece: Mountain-jungles threatened by eviction

On May 21st the Greek government announced in the TV-channel SKAI their new plans of repression. In a period of massive fascist pogroms in Athens, they react with more police, massive arrests and the construction of 14 new detention and deportation centres. One of them should be close to Igoumenitsa. Additionally, the government said, it was already conducting police raids in Igoumenitsa and further actions would include the eviction of the informal settlements of the sans-papiers in the jungles of Igoumenitsa. There have been around 400 arrests during the last weeks and the police announced to arrest the (as they say) 300 remaining migrants. Continue reading ‘Igoumenitsa/Greece: Mountain-jungles threatened by eviction’

Fascist pogroms in Athens, one migrant stabbed to death, 17 hospitalized

In the early hours of May 12th a 21-year old Bangladeshi migrant was stabbed to death in the Kato Patisia district of Athens. The victim was lethally stabbed almost certainly by fascist thugs who have launched a series of attacks in the centre of Athens following the murder of a Greek man on Tuesday night, on the corner of Ipirou and Tritis Septemvriou Street. Eye witnesses report that the murderers of the 21-year old man chased him around the neighbourhood and spoke Greek. On Wednesday night alone fascist thugs roamed through a number of districts of central Athens, injuring many migrants, 17 of them were hospitalised.
(published at clandestinenglish on 13 May 2011 )

Video – Fascists attacking Migrants in Athens

New pogrom against migrants in Athens centre

In the early morning hours of the 10th May a theft ended up in the tragic murder of a come-to-be father in the centre of Athens. During the following hours of the day, the media started reporting about “three dark skinned suspects”, hence, initiating a propaganda which ended up in a manhunt by fascists of the extreme right group “golden dawn” on all migrants in the centre of the city.

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Hungary systematically arrests asylum seekers – including minors!

Refugees from Germany nevertheless to be further deported to Hungary

“No refugees in orbit“ was a central slogan of the so called Dublin II-agreement, meant to regulate the proceedings of asylum applications. But the real effect is exactly the opposite: more and more refugees – including minors – are straying through Europe, fleeing from being deported to the countries of first arrival. They spend months or even years in various EU nations in the search for a country that will recognise their rights, and offer them a decent chance to experience a normal human life. Their first registration via fingerprint in the eastern and southern EU nations often leads to their doom. What at the beginning of the year was suspended for refugees, who entered Europe in Greece, is an ongoing problem with Italy, Malta or also Hungary, despite similar unsustainable conditions: constantly there is a threat of deportation to these nations of first registration when refugees continue their journey. Continue reading ‘Hungary systematically arrests asylum seekers – including minors!’

Young Afghan Refugees in Hungary

Dublin II means they play football with us, shooting us from one country to another, playing with us and wasting our time…

Five stories of young afghan refugees who have one experience in common: they have been detained in Hungary. Some of them have been already deported to Hungary because of Dublin. Some are threatened by deportation… Continue reading ‘Young Afghan Refugees in Hungary’

Farewell of the 300 hunger strikers

Our statement about the end of the hunger strike

Welcome To Europe expresses its joy over the vindication of the hunger strikers’ demands on day 44. We have followed and supported the hunger strike closely, and often we feared for the hunger strikers’ lives. Our relief given the successful conclusion cannot be expressed appropriately.

The results of the struggle are of extreme importance, especially as they have been achieved under ever harsher conditions. The fact that the possibility to obtain a residence permit will affect all migrants in Greece points to the general nature of the struggle. The political symbolism of the travel permits that will be given should not be underestimated: it allows for free movement across the walls of Europe, and contributes to making the dream of a common social and political space uniting the Mediterranean and providing freedom of movement within more concrete.

As the promises of the government have yet to be put into law and action, we declare that we will continue to follow the developments very closely. Should the need arise to take further action, we will be at the side of our brothers, sisters and friends.

The hunger strikers’ struggle for political and social rights is a big step within a new cycle of struggles for the inclusion of migrants into the European societies. It is part of a process towards a great transformation, that will lead to a Europe without borders and fences.

Statement by the 300 hunger strikers – 13th of March 2011

The struggle is complete. With the documents in hand and our heads up high, we return to our homes and our work vindicated, after 44 days on hunger strike.

The struggle continues. The announcements for an 8-year limit and the increase of work credit as prerequisites for the issuing and renewal of residence permits must become law immediately.

The struggle is the only option. The struggle against the daily exploitation and racism’s walls, the struggles for the legalisation of all migrants with no prerequisites, for equal rights between local and foreign workers, for a life with values and dignity, these are our next steps. Together with the anti-racist and migrant movement we will walk along this difficult path, the path of struggle.

The struggle unites us. With the documents in hand and the head up high we salute and wish farewell to everyone who supports us. To the people in solidarity in Greece and all other countries in the world, the doctors and their colleagues, all who stood by our side in these days of the hunger strike, in all days when our lives and our deaths demanded vindication and freedom.

See you at the struggles!

Patras: A harsh welcome to Europe

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