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Our statement about the end of the hunger strike

Welcome To Europe expresses its joy over the vindication of the hunger strikers’ demands on day 44. We have followed and supported the hunger strike closely, and often we feared for the hunger strikers’ lives. Our relief given the successful conclusion cannot be expressed appropriately.

The results of the struggle are of extreme importance, especially as they have been achieved under ever harsher conditions. The fact that the possibility to obtain a residence permit will affect all migrants in Greece points to the general nature of the struggle. The political symbolism of the travel permits that will be given should not be underestimated: it allows for free movement across the walls of Europe, and contributes to making the dream of a common social and political space uniting the Mediterranean and providing freedom of movement within more concrete.

As the promises of the government have yet to be put into law and action, we declare that we will continue to follow the developments very closely. Should the need arise to take further action, we will be at the side of our brothers, sisters and friends.

The hunger strikers’ struggle for political and social rights is a big step within a new cycle of struggles for the inclusion of migrants into the European societies. It is part of a process towards a great transformation, that will lead to a Europe without borders and fences.

About w2eu

This is the blog of the antiracist network Welcome to Europe. It was formerly known as lesvos09.antira.info.


The name Welcome to Europe expresses the discontent and anger we feel when looking at the fatal realities of the European external border: the long documented deaths and suffering have continued for years, and no end is in sight. We stand for a grassroots movement that embraces migration and wants to create a Europe of hospitality.


We maintain our focus on the European external border in Greece, but will not limit ourselves to that geographical area. The right of freely roaming the globe has to be fought for everywhere. Join us!


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